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Our story.


The VR Lab falls under the University of Western Macedonia in Greece (ex-Technological Research Center) and is housed on it's Campus. The preparatory work for it's creation began in November 2015 and it's operation began in September 2016.

The VR Lab is staffed by the coordinator and it's leading members of various specialties. The operating expenses of the Lab may be covered exclusively through partnerships. As a nonprofit entity, it does not receive funding from any body and does not have its own budget.

Lab's activity


we like to make things done.

We are certain that Virtual Reality will eventually live up to expectations, so we avoid the hype and focus on applications with meaningful use. We seek projects with true and positive impact to the world, and partnerships that aim at the same results.

As a non-profit, the Lab may join forces with other local or international organizations, public or private, as well as with private companies or other non-profits. Our activities are funded by national or European resources, as well as through co-funded programmes.

In addition, we are one of the few organizations actively involved in the implementation of Virtual Reality programs for people with disabilities. Through our research, we want to set accessibility standards and contribute to the improvement of VR applications and hardware.

our main interests:



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