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For the description of Virtual Reality, only the first one million words are difficult.

Francis Hamit
The VR Lab falls under the Technological Research Center of Western Macedonia in Greece and is housed on TRC's premises. The preparatory work for it's creation began in November 2015 and after the evaluation of the dynamics and the possible applications of Virtual Reality, it's operation began in September 2016.
As one of the large research organizations in Greece, we have the expertise, the staff and the equipment to cope with the most complex projects in Virtual Reality, while the technologies used are the best available in the global market. Particular attention is given to applications in Tourism, Education, Sports and Research.


Why people won't be able to teleport in any part of the world, whenever they want?

Palmer Luckey, Founder of Oculus VR
We may not have discovered yet the possibility of teleportation, but Virtual Reality and the nature of this unbelievable technology can enable unique Virtual experiences and "visits" to the most amazing or remote places in the world, without even leaving your living room.
The potential applications of Virtual Tourism are limitless and include, among other, Virtual Reality filming, navigable or static Virtual Tours of places with strong cultural, religious, historical or tourist interest, while also real estate promotion is already gaining more and more ground.

I've seen almost everything, but VR is something that just doesn't look like anything else.

Trent Dilfer, 2001 Super Bowl Champion
If the use of videos as a coaching tool was the evolution of the good old blackboard, Virtual Reality is the natural evolution of technology and the next "weapon" in modern coaching techniques. As sports constantly incorporate new technologies, VR will soon be the dominant choice for every team.
The ability to emulate any situation which can occur in any environment and work on individual programs based on individual characteristics of each athlete, is something that only Virtual Reality can offer. Learning through VR is 90% more efficient than learning through text or speech.

The power of Virtual Reality is that it gives the user a unique connection with the events.

Jake Silverstein, New York Times Magazine
While the leading tech-giants across the world such as Google and OnePlus choose Virtual Reality to live-broadcast their annual conferences or to present their new, innovative products, its adoption is getting more popular in a growing range of events which require live coverage.
The new generation of VR 360 cameras offers the possibility of both live streaming via internet or live broadcasting from a TV studio. Virtual Reality live streaming can cover a wide range of events such as conferences, sporting events, speeches, presentations, concerts, etc.

As a University, we are excited about Virtual Reality and its use by our students.

Michelle Bartonico, Trinity University
Surveys have shown that the amount of information absorbed by the human brain via a Virtual Reality experience is 33% more than what it would be restrained if the same information was presented via video. Education in Virtual environments, contains zero risk at minimal cost.
Virtual Education is already used with great success in several Universities and its applications expand continuously, simulating experimental workshops or other educational activities. Plus, all you need is a realistic Virtual environment, a VR-ready PC and last-gen VR Glasses.

If you don't experience the danger and the sense of failure first, you will never taste success.

Brandon Sanderson, Perfect State
Virtual Reality applied for more than 10 years for the study of human behavior and for tackling complex mental conditions such as post-traumatic stress or even common phobias. VR is giving the unique opportunity to be "exposed" in a controlled and also safe environment.
The evolution of the technology of Virtual Reality and the commercial availability of specialized equipment, which until recently was only available on an experimental level, allow a research activity which will constantly provide evaluation data to the scientific community.

They say about Virtual Reality.

It's really impressive.

Tim Cook, Apple.

They say about Virtual Reality.

VR is a self-generated reality format. Therefore, it exists.

Joan Lowery Nixon, Author.

They say about Virtual Reality.

The three C's of Virtual Reality are Creation, Communication, Commerce.

Mark Matthieu, Samsung USA.

They say about Virtual Reality.

Mobile is the platform of today. We now prepare for the platform of tomorrow.

Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook.

What's our difference from a business?


The Laboratory belongs to the Technological Research Center of Western Macedonia, which is one of the largest research centers in Greece and has successfully operated since 1994 without any government funding / support.


The group of people who permanently or temporarily staff the Laboratory, consists of scientists with extensive experience and leading theoretical and technical background in their employment area.


The Laboratory is equipped with cutting-edge Virtual Reality technologies and our concern is to constantly monitor the developments in the VR world, in order to always be one step ahead.


Kila Kozanis, T.R.C, T.E.I.W.M. Campus
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